Late Spring and Summer Containers

This is the time when you have great potential and flexibility with container gardening in Michigan. Whether you are looking to plant herb containers or brightly colored annuals, now is the time to do it! We recommend waiting until late-May to early-June before placing your tender annuals outside because of the unpredictable Michigan weather. Please remember to take the following considerations into account when choosing from our pre-made containers or designing your own:
How often will you water your container? Many annuals, vegetables and herbs require daily watering in the heat of the summer to look their best. Succulents store water in their leaves, which allow them to require less water. Even succulents will need occasional water, though, so don’t completely neglect them!
How many hours of sunlight per day will the container receive in your yard? Full sun containers need at least 8 hours of direct sunlight per day. Containers for shaded areas should be placed in an area facing north or east, or in an area that is protected from direct sun such as under a tree. We offer pre-made combinations that can be placed in full sun, part sun/part shade, or fully shaded areas. Please note that if you are not getting as many flowers as you had hoped for, your problem may be that it is not getting the correct amount of light.
Maintenance every month or so may be required. If you notice your plants getting leggy or not producing as many flowers as you would like, it may need a trim and slow release fertilizer. Cutting back plants like petunias can help encourage a second bloom and geraniums will need to be deadheaded regularly to encourage continuous flowering. Some low maintenance plants that do not require much fertilizer or trimming include portulaca, New Guinea & Divine impatiens, and succulents.

Don’t be afraid to mix annuals with herbs such as lavender or basil so that your container is both beautiful and practical.

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When planning a container garden space, look for the Big Three of garden design:

Thrillers: Tall or spikey plumes of color
Fillers: Rolling mounds of colors & texture
Spiller: Trailing habits of various shapes

When selecting your plants, make sure to look for plants that are best suited for the sun exposure of your home. Be aware that not all plants require the same watering. Test the soil with your finger to see if there is enough moisture or if a drink is needed. Don't hesitate to ask us for our best recommendations!